WRITER/DIRECTOR                                                                                        Minka Rose Bleakley is a New York based writer and director originally hailing from Byron Bay, Australia. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Electronic Arts at Bard College, studying under acclaimed filmmakers So Yong Kim, Kelly Reichardt, and Peter Hutton, who were influential in helping her form her own creative voice as a filmmaker. Her work is informed by themes of ethical ambiguity, and she seeks to engage with characters that teeter on the edge of morality and immorality. Her films are a discussion, not a statement, inviting audiences to participate in forming their own opinions on the characters and the events that take place. Ilaria marks her second film to hit the festival circuit. 


DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                                  At the age of 13 James Siewert made his first film, in which the camera enters the main character's eye. Now at 25 he has directed 3 more films in which the camera enters various bodily orifices. His most recent film, The Past Inside the Present,  premiered at Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and has gone on to screen at several more festivals around the country. When he's not busy with his own projects he can be found wearing any number of colorful hats - working as a cinematographer, visual effects artist, or production designer. His main goal in life is to be able to keep making weird little movies that some people care about.


PRODUCTION DESIGN                                                                             Samantha Hochhauser currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She attended UC Berkeley and received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. Her diverse background includes art, fashion, and most recently a venture into distilling. She continues to work in art and design on a freelance basis. 





'CHRIS'                                                                                                                             Peter Forde was born in Norway and started acting in theatre at a young age. At age 18 he moved to New York to study at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. He has worked in an ever increasing number of films, and still does theater whenever his schedule allows it. Peter resides in New York City.